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Greg Norman’s Comments Are Not Dead On, But They Are Close

“What I’m seeing is that Tiger’s really intimidated by Rory,” he says. “When have you ever seen him intimidated by another player? Never.

“But I think he knows his time’s up and that’s normal; these things tend to go in 15-year cycles.

“Jack took it from Arnold (Palmer). I took it from Jack, Tiger from me and now it looks like Rory’s taking it from Tiger.”

As you can see, Greg Norman was not shy by his opinions.   I am not convinced that Tiger is intimidated, but I do think that he sense the end is nearer than the beginning.

Greg stated that Jack Nicklaus passed the baton to him, then he passed it to Tiger.   Greg Norman was a wonderful Champion and he had his day in the sun though he may always be none for his collapses in Major Championships.   He has won Major Championships,  just not one on American Soil.    He also spent over 300 weeks as the number one player in the world.   That said, he was one of the greatest golfer’s of all time.    So his opinion is valid and one of experience.

Greg stated that when he started winning, he really did not acknowledge his place until he had beaten Jack one on one in match play at Wentworth.
He considered it his “crowned jewel”.

Rory has beaten Tiger the last couple of weeks, as he has won the last two Fed Ex Playoff Events.    Tiger was contending in each one, but was not able to find that gear that he was famous for having.    Tiger’s game will still yield him a win or two per season for a few more years, but even that will start to slow up.

Tiger is a competitor, and he would never admit that he was intimidated, though  he is more friendly with this rival as he has been with any of them.    Is that because Tiger is older and wiser?    Is it because of Tiger’s recent issues that has caused some self  induced humility?     Or is it because his skills are not what they used to be, and he knows that deep down?    I think it is all of the above.   He remembers what it is like to be in Rory’s shoes.  Instead of living it, he is watching it.

On the other hand, McIlroy understands where he is, and because he knows how to just roll with it and not let it get to big for him, he handles it with grace and class. Though Rory is only 23, so we may not see his best golf for a while.   Scary thought if you ask me.

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The European Ryder Cup Team Travels Well

The Americans have not figured this one out yet.   Though, the European team has the whole traveling thing down pat.    No group/team travels as tightly as this team does for any event.

The European Ryder cup team, really is a team.    They stay together while they travel to different countries to play in tournaments, and in the Ryder Cup, they act and prepare as a unit.   There is little room for any selfishess on this team.    The Captains won’t have it, and the guys with the experience also will not tolerate it.

In a lot of cases, these guys have been playing together for a long time.    And when the young guys step up and it is there turn to contribute or lead, they show they have learned from their elders well.    They follow the same recipe that has been laid in front of them for years.

Rory McIllroy is currently leading the FedEx Cup and is currently the number 1 European player in the World.   So, for the first time since the PGA started this playoff system, a European Cup winner could be leading his team into the Ryder Cup event the  following week.

Tiger is currently 2nd in Cup points, and is the top American.    That said, Woods has never been the strongest Ryder Cup Player.  He is someone that plays well when it is for himself.    Where as, the European team members all embrace this format so much that I do not think  it affects them the same.   They know how to put their individual goals aside to win as a team.

I think that this Ryder Cup will be one of the most competitive and fun to watch because for the first time in years, the most watched/followed player in the world may not be Tiger, it very well could be Rory.   Wow how times have changed.

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Mickelson Surges At BMW Championship For Share Of Lead

There was a stretch this season where Phil Mickelson went 12 straight rounds without shooting under par.    It seems that he has put those days way behind him as he shot an 8 under par round of 64 to tie Vijay Singh for a share of the lead going into Sunday.

Vijay Singh carried a 1 shot lead over Rory Mcllroy and Tiger Woods going into today’s round.   Rory was able to keep pace though Tiger shot a 1 under par round to fall to 3 shots back.    Another weekend round of golf for Tiger that he watched the field make a move, and he was unable to follow suit.

Phil had a stretch on the front nine where he put up 5 birdies in a 6 hole span.   Same with the back nine also.   He sprinkled in two bogeys, but when you put up 10 birdies you can afford a couple bogeys.  His 8 under round was the best round of the day.    Mickelson will be paired with Vijay Singh who has played extremely well down the stretch of the regular season and now  into the playoffs.

Another  player that stood out today and made a significant move was Adam Scott as he shot a 6 under par round of 66 that pulled him to within 2 shots of the lead tied along with American Robert Garrigus.    I spoke of Rory earlier as he is only one shot back; he shares that spot with Lee Westwood whom played well today also.   Lee finished today with a 4 under par round of 68.

Other notables would be Dustin Johnson who shot a 5 under round to pull him to within 2.   Zach Johnson, Graeme McDowell and Bo Van Pelt all are within 4 shots tied at 12 under.

Sunday is setting up to be a tremendous finish, though if all goes to plan, at least one player at or near the lead will collapse.   That has been a trend all season now, and I would not expect to see anything different tomorrow.

Here is the Link to the Leaderboard.

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Nick Watney Holds On For Victory At Barclays

Nick Watney shot two under par today holding off Brandt Snedeker for The Barclays Championship.   Going into today’s round, Sergio Garcia was leading and was playing well.   But Sergio collapsed today shooting a round of 4 over par, including a round that housed a 3 over par closing nine.

Tiger Woods also went into the final round in contention, but as we have seen from him this season, he shot a 5 over par closing round to take him way out of contention.   Tiger Woods collapse today was enough to drop him to 3rd in the Fed Ex Cup Standings.

Dustin Johnson shot a three under par round today to finish in a tie for third with Sergio Garcia at 6 under.

Though,the day belonged to Nick Watney as he vaulted himself into the lead of the Fed Ex Cup Championship with the victory.  Sergio’s final round struggles, which goes along with the theme of the season thus far, did not take him out of the running of the Fed Ex Cup, and his finish was probably enough to get him on his European Ryder Cup Squad.

Phil Mickelson finished at one over par for the tournament with a final round score of 76, 5 over par.   Another bad round to go along with his thoroughly underwhelming year.   Phil is currently ranked 17 in the Cup Race.

Bubba Watson went into today’s round at three under, but was unable to make up any ground at all.    He finished the day at even par, and the tournament at three under.

The up to date top 5 going into next weeks tournament is as follows.

  1. Nick Watney
  2. Brandt Snedeker
  3. Tiger Woods
  4. Rory Macllroy
  5. Zach Johnson




Barclays Update

Nick Watney continues to play well after two solid rounds at the Barclays Tournament tied for the lead with Sergio Garcia.    Watney shot a first round score of 65, then followed that up with a 69 today.    As for Garcia, he has hung right with him shooting a 66 and 68.

As for other notables, Vijay Singh continues his strong play of the last month or two.   He is a player that continues to defy age and play at a really high level.   A good many players have played well later in their 40’s as Vijay has, but he is rare in the fact that his play has really not dropped off all that much staying in the top 20 in the world for as long as he has.

Tiger Woods is only 3 back, as he continues to show the world that he can play well on Thursday and Friday.  I realize that he has won several times this season, but he has also shown the ability to not play well on Saturday and Sunday in big tournaments this season.  Here is a LINK to the Current Leader Board.

Here is the the projected top 16 in the Fed Ex Cup Standings. (Standings Courtesy of

Projected +/- Official* Player Proj. Event Proj. Total Official*
1 32 33 Sergio Garcia 2,500 3,435 935
2 47 49 Nick Watney 2,500 3,226 726
3 2 1 Tiger Woods 413 2,682 2,269
4 1 3 Rory McIlroy 72 2,164 2,092
5 3 2 Jason Dufner DNP 2,110 2,110
6 2 4 Zach Johnson 18 2,037 2,019
7 2 5 Bubba Watson 185 1,962 1,777
8 1 7 Carl Pettersson 250 1,941 1,691
9 9 Matt Kuchar 185 1,785 1,600
10 4 6 Hunter Mahan 0 1,739 1,739
11 1 12 Justin Rose 250 1,676 1,426
12 4 8 Keegan Bradley 0 1,670 1,670
13 5 18 Rickie Fowler 412 1,658 1,246
14 4 10 Steve Stricker 185 1,641 1,456
15 4 11 Ernie Els 185 1,632 1,447
16 41 57 Vijay Singh 875 1,544 669

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Hello From Myrtle Beach!

My first blog post to Sports Monger On the Green…what should I write about?? On the heels of the PGA Championship I think the state of major golf tournaments is a great topic! With his record setting victory at The Ocean Course this week, Rory McIlroy broke a string of 16 consecutive majors with a new winner. That is a run that we have not seen in a long time thanks mostly to Tiger Woods.
The PGA Tour has a large pool of very talented golfers. More so now than at any other time in its history in my opinion. It seems like anyone in the field could win any week. There are consistently new names in the leader board each week. I love it! Watching these young aggressive golfers attack the golf courses each week is amazing. I am not surprised anymore when I turn on the TV and don’t see a “household” name on the first page of the leader board.
It is a very exciting time to be a golf fan!!!
I am glad to be joining Sports Monger on the Green at this time. We will have lots to talk about!!

The PGA Championship News And Notes

Just a couple of news and notes for our golf fans to chew on.   First off, Phil Mickelson shot his first round under par in his last 12.    That is a tremendously long stretch for a guy as talented as Phil.   Though, he is playing like a guy that can not get out of his own head.  He actually is only 4 or 5 strokes back.

Tiger is tied for the lead going into the weekend.   My initial thought would be to say, let’s see how bad this guy hacks this weekend up.  Just because that has been the trend.   Trends can be broken and although I would not be surprised but, trends are called trends for a reason.

Tiger is tied with a guy I wrote about last week in Vijay Singh. Singh is a player that knows how to win and as long as he is putting, then he can contend.    Plain and simple.   As his putter goes, he goes.    That is really the way it is with a lot of players, but none more like him.

Adam Scott is also close at -1, only 3 behind.   Let’s see if he has shaken off the collapse from across the pond.

John Daly is also within shouting distance.   The problem with John is that he has not shown the propensity to come back and play well for four consecutive days in a very long time.   He is a player that has a lot of talent, but he has a good deal of trouble putting it together for an entire tournament.

This weekend will be fun to watch as the players contend in what sounds like hot and Stormy weekend.