Greg Norman’s Comments Are Not Dead On, But They Are Close

“What I’m seeing is that Tiger’s really intimidated by Rory,” he says. “When have you ever seen him intimidated by another player? Never.

“But I think he knows his time’s up and that’s normal; these things tend to go in 15-year cycles.

“Jack took it from Arnold (Palmer). I took it from Jack, Tiger from me and now it looks like Rory’s taking it from Tiger.”

As you can see, Greg Norman was not shy by his opinions.   I am not convinced that Tiger is intimidated, but I do think that he sense the end is nearer than the beginning.

Greg stated that Jack Nicklaus passed the baton to him, then he passed it to Tiger.   Greg Norman was a wonderful Champion and he had his day in the sun though he may always be none for his collapses in Major Championships.   He has won Major Championships,  just not one on American Soil.    He also spent over 300 weeks as the number one player in the world.   That said, he was one of the greatest golfer’s of all time.    So his opinion is valid and one of experience.

Greg stated that when he started winning, he really did not acknowledge his place until he had beaten Jack one on one in match play at Wentworth.
He considered it his “crowned jewel”.

Rory has beaten Tiger the last couple of weeks, as he has won the last two Fed Ex Playoff Events.    Tiger was contending in each one, but was not able to find that gear that he was famous for having.    Tiger’s game will still yield him a win or two per season for a few more years, but even that will start to slow up.

Tiger is a competitor, and he would never admit that he was intimidated, though  he is more friendly with this rival as he has been with any of them.    Is that because Tiger is older and wiser?    Is it because of Tiger’s recent issues that has caused some self  induced humility?     Or is it because his skills are not what they used to be, and he knows that deep down?    I think it is all of the above.   He remembers what it is like to be in Rory’s shoes.  Instead of living it, he is watching it.

On the other hand, McIlroy understands where he is, and because he knows how to just roll with it and not let it get to big for him, he handles it with grace and class. Though Rory is only 23, so we may not see his best golf for a while.   Scary thought if you ask me.

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