Hunter Mahan is a bad sport

So Hunter Mahan says he will probably not watch the Ryder Cup matches in two weeks when they take place in Chicago at Medinah Country Club. Give me a break! Talk about a spoiled sport. In an interview he gave this week at he stated that having been there and competed in it…it would be too tough to watch. He will probably just tune in at the end of each day to check the scores. What a load of crap!!!!!

Hunter Mahan is like the kid in the neighborhood that didn’t get picked for the game. Come on, we all knew this kid when we were young. If he did not get picked to play in the game (no matter what sport it may be) he would grab his stuff, get on his Huffy bicycle and peddle his butt home crying to his mommy that the mean kids wouldn’t let him play. That is what Hunter Mahan is doing now about the Ryder Cup. He did not get chosen as one of the four Captain’s Picks to see his going home to pout and not watch the matches.

Bravo Hunter!!! You jerk!! How about a little professionalism? How about a little patriotism? How about acting like a grown adult? So you didn’t make the team. To quote our good friend, and the Sports Monger himself, Jason Havelka “Life’s tough…wear a helmet!”

Hunter Mahan has only himself to blame for not making this team. After the Masters in April he was in first place on the Ryder Cup points list. Then he played like a dog for the next four months. He missed the cut at The Players Championship, finished 38th at the US Open, 19th at The Open Championship and missed the cut at the PGA Championship. His best finish was 8th at the AT&T National at Congressional. Yes he was 9th on the points list for the Ryder Cup, but he had not played well all summer. So why would DL3 take him?

I think Hunter Mahan is a very good golfer. In fact I have picked him to win several tournaments in a fantasy golf pool that I play in. But my opinion of Hunter Mahan the man has changed tremendously after his comments this week. It is ok to be disappointed that he did not get picked. It is even ok to be angry and feel like you were screwed or over looked. But come on Hunter….show a little class. Don’t stomp your feet and take your toys and go home. We all thought you were better than that.

“Life’s tough…wear a helmet!” Words to live by Hunter.


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