Golf Writers Wanted!

We are looking for a couple more golf writers to add to the mix.   We just added one, and would like to have at least 4 active writers at all times.  I am looking for someone who has a passion for the sport of golf and would like to write about products, golf courses, and or PGA Tour Information.

We will be adding an E Commerce site/link to this website soon that will be actively selling golf related products.   We are looking at several products as we speak, which means we will be launching it soon.

I am also looking into adding someone that will take our Social Media effort to the next level.  That said, we will need  fill several more writer positions and with all of the new help that will be coming on board, we will be able to drive readers to your posts and get you noticed.
If you are interested, please send me an Email at with your information.   Thanks again, and I look forward to talking with everyone that is interested!

You can follow me on Twitter @sportsmonger and on Facebook at Pittsburgh Sports Monger!


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  1. Posted by Dalton McCrary on September 4, 2012 at 8:31 am

    Gentlemen: Look me up on the internet. I was the first ‘Teacher’ to be marketed World Wide all at the same time via TV Infomercials. #1 Golf Instructional Series sold in 6 countries. Have the top 8 sports infomercials of all time. I’ve written monthly articles for every publication in golf. Sold 3.8 million videos. I have a following and am not writing with anyone at present.
    If I can assist your team please let me know. I’m interested.
    Dalton McCrary
    Straight Shootin’ Golf
    Dallas, Texas 972-983-3331
    Henry-Griffitts Teacher/Fitter
    Homer Kelley, Golfing Machine Certified Instructor
    Skype address: str8golfer


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