Golf Training Aids to Avoid #1

I co-host a weekly talk show on ESPN Radio 100.3 The Team in Myrtle Beach. Each week I try to find products in the market that will help our listeners golf games. My searches have led me to find some really strange items. So I also share those items as “things to avoid” in your search for improving your golf game. So I have decided to start sharing these items here on SportsMongerOnTheGreen.

The Foot Wedge
Now…we all know what a foot wedge is. It is when you move your ball with your foot to improve your lie. (Don’t act like you haven’t done it before). But this is an actual training aid that is named The Foot Wedge. It is a plastic wedge designed to use on driving range mats or on grass. Designed to stop swaying, you put your back foot on the wedge at address and swing the club.
So….you jack your back foot in the air to force your body weight forward and to stop you from swaying backward. Won’t you be off balance again once you take the wedge away????? An why would I pay $14.95 plus shipping and handling for something I can build myself for free??? And the kicker…Don’t call it a Foot Wedge!!!! That is the 15th club in the bag that cheaters use!!!!!

I mostly am amused by the name “The Foot Wedge”. Too funny all things considered. Let’s face it friends, what is the best way to improve your game??? Hit the range and practice!!! Golf is hard! No gimmick or training tool can replace good old fashioned driving range time.

As I continue my search for quality golf training products I am certain to discover more bad or funny ones too. And those are the products I will share with you. I will save you the time and give you the items not to buy.

Hit ’em straight!!


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