The PGA Championship News And Notes

Just a couple of news and notes for our golf fans to chew on.   First off, Phil Mickelson shot his first round under par in his last 12.    That is a tremendously long stretch for a guy as talented as Phil.   Though, he is playing like a guy that can not get out of his own head.  He actually is only 4 or 5 strokes back.

Tiger is tied for the lead going into the weekend.   My initial thought would be to say, let’s see how bad this guy hacks this weekend up.  Just because that has been the trend.   Trends can be broken and although I would not be surprised but, trends are called trends for a reason.

Tiger is tied with a guy I wrote about last week in Vijay Singh. Singh is a player that knows how to win and as long as he is putting, then he can contend.    Plain and simple.   As his putter goes, he goes.    That is really the way it is with a lot of players, but none more like him.

Adam Scott is also close at -1, only 3 behind.   Let’s see if he has shaken off the collapse from across the pond.

John Daly is also within shouting distance.   The problem with John is that he has not shown the propensity to come back and play well for four consecutive days in a very long time.   He is a player that has a lot of talent, but he has a good deal of trouble putting it together for an entire tournament.

This weekend will be fun to watch as the players contend in what sounds like hot and Stormy weekend.


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