Vijay Singh Still Very Competitive At 49

PGA Tour Veteran Vijay Singh is currently fourth at the RBC Canadian Open.  At age 49, he still competes at a high level week in and week out.   For this once world number one, the reason’s are simple, he works hard at his craft.

Vijay has 2 top tens this season, and 6 finishes in the top 25.    Although his numbers have certainly dropped off, he is still very relevant and knows how to win golf tournaments.   Here are some career stats to consider.

He has 34 PGA Tour Victories, and 3 Major Championships.   To go with those 34 victories, he has 26 second place finishes and 177 top tens in his career.  He has also made over $66 million over his career.   His most prolific season was 2004 where he won 9 tournaments and as mentioned was the Worlds number 1 player.   That year, he earned over $10 million in prize money.

His work ethic is second to none, and it was, and is one of the main reasons he  has been able to compete at such a high level for so long.   Over the years, the one part of his game that you could say has held him back was his putter.    In the tournaments that he won, his putter did not let him down.   Throughout his career though, he was never known as a great putter.   He was always terribly consistent with his long game, keeping the ball in play and hitting greens in regulation.    It’s the putter that could have made him one of the great’s of all time.   That said, most players that have every played on the tour, would trade their career’s in a second for his.

What also makes him so great, and the other reason he is able to compete is his demeanor.  He never tries to be bigger than the game.   I love that about a competitor in any sport.  Especially golf.   Golf is a game that dares you to be aggressive but only yields to players that are patient.   Vijay is a terribly patient player that never panics, and knows how to hit shots when they need to be hit.  He is not flamboyant at all.   He never calls attention to himself in any other way, other than with his play.   You never see him throw a club, nor do you catch him swearing.   I have seen Vijay play in 5 tournaments in my life time in a live setting, not to mention on TV, and I can tell you, I have never seen or heard him swear.   Maybe under his breath, but he censors himself well.  If only other golfers could learn this trait…And that includes myself.

He is a tremendous competitor and I hope he continues to defy his age, and stays relevant.   If you would like to follow me on Twitter you can @sportsmonger and on Sports Monger Radio.




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