Ernie Els Wins The Open Championship While Leaders Fade

So do we reward the great play of “The Big Easy”, or did the players in front of him choke?  Good question I think. Ernie played great, making up 6 shots and playing his way back to the pack as the leaders Adam Scott, Brandt Snedeker, and Tiger Woods all played themselves out of the Championship. Some have been quoted as saying that this was a Colossal collapse. I even heard a guy on the radio say that Scott Choked like a dog.

I think you have to give more credit to Ernie. He shot a 2 under par 68 to finish the tournament at -7,  which is good enough to win most major tournaments. During every major, their is a group that surges ahead, then they fall back to the pack. The Difference with this tournament is the fact that the leaders fell back on Sunday. It happens.

In Adam Scott’s case, this could be the type of loss that really sets him back.  It’s a tough way to lose, and no one would be surprised to see him struggle a bit for a while. At least on the PGA Tour. He may be able to pull off a victory on the European Tour, but I would not be surprised to see him scuffle a bit on the PGA Tour.  As I said, losses like this can stay with a player, just ask one of my favorite Golfers of all time, Greg Norman. 

Tiger was also in contention but he just can not find any magic on Sundays During a Major. Not sure why, but he seems to really struggle on Sundays during the biggest moments which is stunning when you consider his past. Sundays is all about the mental game. It’s tough to close out anything, let alone a tournament like this will all of the money and honor that goes with the victory.  Snedeker on the other hand started to fade on Saturday, but completed his fade on Sunday.  Not a real surprise, and no one can complain about a top 5 finish at The Open. Especially in the elements. 

Ernie on the other hand is a player that has been close, but has not had the ability to close the deal for a long time.  He is a player that has plenty of talent, length, and a solid short game.  This very well could be his last Major Championship victory, and no one was more surprised to win then he was.  It was great to see a Humble Guy like Ernie do it one more time.  From my perspective, he won this tournament plain and simple.  Way to Go Big Easy!


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