We are now about Mid Way Through Sunday, And….

The worst part about the coverage today  on NBC are the people that scream out as the players hit a shot.     I wish golf course officials had the ability to use stun guns on these idiots.     Not sure if they are drunk, or just stupid, but it is really annoying and you only seem to see this type of thing in America.    Pretty Sad.

Lets worry less about Mobile Phones Golf Officials and more about the idiots that yell out “you da man” and crap like that.      TV pays for this tournaments with advertising throughout their coverage right.    How about enhancing our experience by eliminating this practice.     Put out a flyer or a rule that anyone caught will go to jail, prison, strung up by their eye lids….something.   Golf is no fun to watch with no sound…but I am almost forced to do so.

As mentioned midway through the round Sunday, Graeme McDowell is struggling a bit at this point, down 1.

Jim Furyk still at -1 and playing very steady as we should all expect.

Beau Hossler, the young amateur has finally hit upon some hard times, though only +5 after 9.     He is enjoying the moment by the looks of it.

Ernie Els is charging again, Monty predicted he would win today before the round.    Could be the kiss of death from a great player that could not win a Major in the US.

Tiger finished the round yesterday at +4, and after 3 holes was +8.     After about 4 holes, he looked like a guy that “wanted to get away”.

The Weather is Foggy and Murky..built for a European.     If you would like to continue to follow me, you can on Twitter @sportsmonger and on Sports Monger Radio every Friday Night at 11pm.


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