Can A 14 Year Old Handle The Pressure Of The US Open?


As an Amateur, when we had a big tournament to play when I was in High School and College, the Nerves would set in.     I would not be shaking like a leaf, but your heart would beat a little harder and your pulse would quicken.    As a Tour Pro, you will hear them say the same things about Major Championships and the First Tee.       The Adrenaline you feel on that first tee to me is indescribable.      

Now picture this if you will, your first Major Championship is the US Open, quite honestly the toughest test in golf every single season.    These are golf courses that are set up to eat up and spit out players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson who are 2 of the toughest competitors in the sport.     You climb up on the first tee, and you realize at that moment where you are and what you are doing and there are about 100 million people watching.      Not to pile on to the situation…..your 14 years old!

That’s right, your 14 years old.     How do you think you will play?      Me personally, probably not break 120 and on top of that I would have to consistently fight back the urge to crap myself on every tee box.   But it is Different for Andy Zhang.      He is an Amateur from China who has been training at the Leadbetter Academy in Florida.    He is used to playing in tournaments, for instance, in order to get in the US Open you have to qualify and to do so that means you have to win the Qualifying Tournaments.     But no one is used to playing in tournaments like these, except for the men and women that compete in these events each and every week.

Part of me feels excited for him, and in the same breath terrified also.     While watching the GOLF CHANNELS practice round coverage, I caught and interview done with him and he looked and acted a bit terrified.    But would you not expect that?     The Caddie was asked about his Zhang’s game, and every  caddie that is interviewed is going to say things like, My guys ready or he is playing well right now… so you would expect to hear positive stuff come out of their mouth.    Zhang’s caddie stated that not only does he have an impressive game, but he said that Zhang is able to do things with the golf ball that no other players on tour can do.     WOW!

This is a great story, and if you get the opportunity to catch a few shots as I  know their will be TV coverage on him, I think it will be entertaining to see it.      I know I am looking for ward to this tournament.

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