Breaking Down The Three Players I think Could Win This Week


I look at 3 guys that I think could win this week, and no I am not going to list Tiger or Phil though I would not be surprised to see either of them win.     Others are picking players like Lee Westwood, whom I think is the “Monty” of this generation.    I am not convinced he will win a major on American soil at all.

The first one is Steve Stricker.     Steve has only played 9 events, though he has won 1 of those, and finished in the top 10 in 4 of them and in the top 25 in the 4 also.    He has only missed 1 cut this season and his game is really starting to shape up well.    He is 16th in driving accuracy which is always important at a US Open and he is 13th in Greens in Regulation.        Most of all, he is 14th in Birdies per round with nearly a 4 birdie per round average.

He does not drive the ball all that long, but accuracy is the most important thing to him on a course like this because it will play about 7300 yards or so give or take which is about average now for a PGA tour event.    Though, they will probably have to deal with winds as the club is in San Francisco.     Also to his benefit is the fact that he shapes his shots very well.

The Second guy I like is Graeme McDowell.    Graeme has a game that fits this course.    He is used to windy conditions.     Also, his driving accuracy ranks first on the tour and as I touched on earlier, that stat will play itself out in a big way on this course or any US Open course.    If you can keep it out of the second cut of rough you have a chance this week.

I also like the fact that he has finished 2nd in one tournament this season, and finished in the top 10 in 2 others.       He averaged nearly 4 birdies a round and is 23rd in Greens in Regulation.    Look for Graeme to bust out this week and finish at least in the top 5 if not win this tournament.

The Last of the 3 that I will be laying out here would be Bubba Watson.     He is the least likely of the 3 for me but I am partial to a guy that can let it rip like he can.     If he can control that monster Driver this week, he will be a huge threat to win this tournament.       If he can not control it, he will struggle making the cut.

Bubba has 1 win this year, and that was at the Master’s.    He has played only 10 events and has finished in the top 25 in 9 of those tournaments.     He has been extremely competitive this season as he is 2nd in greens in regulation and 1st in Eagles overall this season.     That stat goes hand in hand with this one though.     He is ranked 99th in Driving Accuracy which can be a problem at a US Open course no matter where it is played.     With Bubba, it’s either feast or famine.     This is the big reason why I have him as my least likely favorite.

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