Something To Ponder About Tiger, Jack, and Arnie

Quite frankly, they are Golf Royalty.       And from the reactions on TV they really all seem to like each other.      There is something that I have wondered for years though.      A dynamic occurred in my family, but I do not think it was just my family when it came to Rooting for a Pro Golfer.     Can someone that Rooted for Jack growing up Root for Tiger?      Or is it easier for someone that Rooted for Arnie instead of Jack to Root for Tiger?

Some may even wonder why I bring it up.    It’s simple.    I have had many discussions with men and women that grew up Golf fans and loved Jack Nicklaus.      Ask them who there favorite Golfers of today are, and rarely do I hear Tiger come out of anyone’s mouth.

Ask the same question to someone that Rooted for Arnie, and normally the first name that pops out of someone’s mouth is Tiger.   The funny thing is, they are nothing alike.     Tiger is cocky, and you can even go as far as saying he is Arrogant.     He is also very selfish, and that I can say because of his off course exploits not to mention the stuff that was written in the Haney Book about him.    Where as Arnie was a player of the people. He was someone that may have gown up on a golf course, but he had a flawed swing and did not carry the country club attitude.

It’s just very strange to me.     Another dynamic to think about is this.      Most people that stand in Jack’s corner do not want to see his records broken.       Another interesting Dynamic is this, that Arrogance that Tiger carries is something that Jack was supposed to be known for as he was setting records.      So in a sense, they are very much alike, though, people that Root for Jack struggle rooting for Tiger.

I am not going to boil this down to Race because I am sure there is an element of that in there also.     And race as we all know is a topic we could spend years on and not only never make sense of it but we could never make excuses for it either.      So those of you that want to send me a comment or bring it up, just know that I know the element exists and I find it valid.     But for this particular hypothesis that I am discussing, I am going to leave it out of the discussion.

This is particular subject is one I struggle with immensely.       I am not a huge fan of Tiger, OK not a fan at all.     But, I understand what he has contributed and there is no doubt that he has lifted Golf to where it is today.     With Jack and Arnie, it was like Bird and Magic.    Then there was Jordan.     Anyways, if you read my Bio, I am a huge fan of Jack Nicklaus and I rooted for him at every turn including when he started to play on the senior tour.

The 86′ Masters was the Tournament that hooked me and made it impossible for me to Root against Jack.   As far as Golf goes, he was someone I tried to emulate my game off of.   Those that have seen me play know that I have failed miserably in the copying of the swing and putting stroke.

I will put the question out to everyone out there.    If you are old enough to remember Jack or Arnie play, and you were a fan of either one or both.    Do you Root for Tiger and if so Why or Why not?     Love to hear some opinion on this.

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