Give Phil A Mulligan

Phil Mickelson walked off the course yesterday after shooting an ugly round and said his schedule has been real busy and he just has not had a break.     Claiming Mental fatigue.      Should he have the right to do this, or should he have just stuck with it and missed the cut?


I will be in a minority on this one, but I think the guy has earned a Mulligan.    He is a player that generally does not miss cuts, and has had a very busy schedule leading up to this tournament.     He has not done this before.    He has whined in the past about Golf Courses and conditions of courses in the past, though his complaint was not the course.    It was him.

I think at one point or another, we have all taken a day off or walked off at a time that was inconvenient to others.      Even surgeons call in and say to their secretaries, please reschedule my appointments today.     Not comparing him to a surgeon, just saying that this happens in all walks of life and all professions.   The guys deserves a break.     Yeah, givem’ a Mulligan or what I like to call….”A Mulli-wagon”.



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