Sports Monger On The Green

I want to Thank You for visiting this blog.    What you can expect out of me from this Blog will be rants and opinions regarding local golf courses and events that are taking place.    I am going to do my best in keeping up with some of the larger local tournaments.    You can also expect me to cover the PGA Tour, The Champions Tour, and any Nationwide Tour event that is played in the Pittsburgh Area.

I can also be followed on my weekly Podcast, The Sports Monger Radio Show.     I will also be covering the Champions Tour event at the Fox Chapel Golf Club, and the Nationwide Tour Event, The Mylan Classic in depth during those particular weeks.      

I want this to be as interactive as possible, so I will also be taking suggestions about local courses that I have not played and will welcome your comments on my opinions of the local courses that I do choose to write about.     

Most of all, I want Golfers to enjoy the writing and the back and forth that will take place on the site.    As time goes by, I will make changes and additions along with taking items out that do not work.    I cover and write about many topics on several other sites…So please feel free to follow all of my work.      

Thanks Again and I look forward to covering this great game…The Game I love….The Game of Golf!


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